A nonprofit platform to source medical equipment like PPE, testing kits and other gears for the frontline healthcare workforce to fight COVID-19.

We are a group of volunteers understanding the demand of the medical equipment and connecting the seekers with our validated network of manufacturers/suppliers


Seeking Medical Equipment?

Get connected with the Manufacturer/Supplier to procure the medical equipment.

Manufacturing/Supplying Medical Equipment?

Get connected with the Healthcare Service Providers/Organisation to supply the medical equipment.

Help Us Fund the Supply Chain

Fastrack the supply chain by funding and distributing medical equipment and receive returns in the process.

Wish to Volunteer?

Contribute to our mission & help the frontline healthcare workforce to be safe.

Equipment in focus

Asset 2.png

Body Coveralls

Asset 15.png


Asset 4.png

Medical Face

Asset 5.png


Asset 11.png

Diagnostic kits

Asset 14.png

Disposable surgical gown

Asset 9.png

Face Shields

Asset 8.png

N95 Respirators

Asset 7.png


Asset 10.png


Asset 13.png

Shoe covers

Asset 12.png

Safety goggles


Are you among those who are not only maintaining social distancing but are also building solutions to help in the fight with COVID-19?

We respect your spirit and would like to know about your contribution. Please share it with us and let us connect you with the relevant stakeholders to make your solution reach the right people and benefit the country.


Get in touch to donate money or equipment!